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You’re a business owner, an entrepreneur, a tech wiz, an innovator. Why should you waste time hassling with an EIN registration when you could be growing your company? That’s where EZ Solutions comes in! We make filling your Tax ID number quick and simple.

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Common EIN filing questions sent from our customers.

The IRS uses Federal EINs to identify tax-paying businesses. You might think of an EIN, which is a type of Tax ID Number, as similar to a social security number but for business and not personal identification (in most cases). An EIN is a nine-digit number assigned to business entities by the IRS. Every EIN assigned by the Internal Revenue Service is unique and it serves as a way to identify businesses in the United States.
Most businesses need an EIN or Tax ID Number. Your business entity will require an EIN in the following cases:
  • You operate a new business
  • You have to pay taxes on your business
  • Your business has one or more employees
  • You need to establish business credit
  • You need to open a bank account for your business
  • You have formed a Corporation, Partnership, or LLC
It’s easy to apply for an EIN with EZ Filing Solutions. We give you a secure way to transmit your new IRS Tax ID Number Application online, without having to deal with confusing instructions or complicated government forms. To begin, simply choose your business entity below and then fill out the appropriate form. You will be notified of approval via email, or you will be instructed to correct any errors found. When you receive your approval and new EIN via email, you may print it out to start using it immediately. You will also get a copy of your EIN in the mail. When you fill out your new Tax ID Number Application with EZ Filing Solutions, we can typically provide you with approval in less than 60 minutes. All of the paperwork needed to receive your new EIN is provided for you and filed with the IRS, for a low fee depending on the exact needs of your business. Alternatively, if you wish to take on EIN filing on your own, the IRS website provides the SS-4 form for free and you may go through the process without assistance.
Filling out government forms can be confusing and time consuming. And, if there are any errors in your forms, you will need to begin the entire process again in some cases. When you use an application assistant service like EZ Filing Solutions, which provides easy forms for you to fill out online as well as help through the whole process, you will likely save time and the need to fill out forms again. Remember, if there is any need to correct a form and you have filed the EIN application on your own, you may be on the phone for hours trying to get ahold of an IRS representative to help you. For a small fee, EZ Filing Solutions prepares your SS-4 form, works with the IRS on your behalf to quickly correct any errors, and delivers your new EIN directly into your email inbox. The process is safe and secure, and it’s a time and energy saver for businesses and those who need a Tax ID Number for personal use.

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Protecting Your Social Security Number

You can think of your EIN like a social security number for your business. You as an individual have a social security number that you file your personal taxes under but your business needs an employer identification number so that the business can file its taxes with the federal government.


Now if you have any kind of business entity aside from a sole proprietorship, so we’re talking limited liability company, corporation, general partnership anything like that – you’re going to need EIN in order to file your taxes and any financial legal paperwork for that business. If you are a sole proprietor however you don’t technically need to obtain an EIN if you don’t want to since you are the business and the business is you. You don’t actually need to file your sole proprietorship business taxes separately but rather that all is done whenever you file your personal taxes at the end of the year. However, there is a really important reason that you want to consider getting an EIN if you are a sole proprietorship – and that is protection of your social security number!


A Real Life Example of a Customer Who Filed For an EIN With Us

So let’s pretend that you are an industry expert speaker. If you book a gig with a conference or event planning agency, they’re going to pay you a lump sum of money as an independent contractor. But in order to send you a 1099 tax document at the end of the year, they’re going to need to know your social security number. That means that you’re going to actually have to hand your social security number to another person and they might be trustworthy or they may not, but either way you really don’t want your social security number getting out there being seen by all these different people.


If you apply for an EIN as a sole proprietor then you can actually give that EIN to those people at the event planning agency that you can use to file future tax paperwork.


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