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EZ Filing Solutions helps you form a DBA (doing business as) by acting as a third-party document preparation and filing service. We work with individuals who are starting LLCs, corporations, or any type of business that requires an owner to file for a DBA. EZ Filing Solutions’ goal is to improve your DBA filing experience and offer an easy process for compiling your DBA information and filing the paperwork.

Why File for LLC vs. Corporation?

When you file for a DBA, you need to decide if your business will be an LLC or a corporation. What are the differences and why should you file for an LLC? An LLC (limited liability company) is a type of business formed under state law that gives the owner personal liability protection, yet all business income is reported on the owner’s personal tax return. A corporation also acts as a separate legal entity, but it is considered its own taxpayer, and income and expenses are taxed to the corporation instead of the owners.

Does a Formation Filing Expire?

When you form a DBA, you need to take note of the laws in your state, county, or municipality that dictate your DBA’s expiration date. Some DBA information is valid for many years, and some never expires. As you file your DBA with EZ Filing Service, we will notify you if you will need to re-file your DBA at a later date.

Do I need a Federal Tax ID (EIN) before forming my DBA?

Yes. Federal laws that require DBA registration apply to LLCs. If you will do business under any name other than the exact legal name that will appear on your LLC, you must obtain your EIN first.

EZ Filing Solutions will help you determine what documents are needed for your LLC or DBA, and we will assist you in preparing the appropriate documentation for filing.

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