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Can I Use My Federal Tax ID as Soon as I Receive It?

Whether you are already an entrepreneur, or are thinking about going into business for yourself, it’s important for you to obtain a Federal Tax ID, also known as an Employer Identification ID Number (EIN), for tax filing services with the IRS and to identify your business as an operating entity within the United States.

EZ Filing Solutions makes it simple to obtain this vital ID number. After you file for an EIN, you might be asking the question, “How long does it take before I begin using my tax ID number?” Fortunately, you can use your ID number as soon as you receive it for many of your company’s needs, such as opening a corporate bank account, filing a tax return by mail, or applying for local corporate licenses.

However, it can take up to two weeks or more after receiving your Federal ID number to get official documents from the IRS in the mail, which shows that your company is now on its permanent record. You need to wait until this happens before you can file a tax-related payment or return electronically or pass an IRS Taxpayer ID matching program.

EZ Filing Solutions knows how important your business is to you. That is why we work our hardest to ensure that you obtain your Federal ID as soon as possible.

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