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Why Form an LLC or Incorporate?

Many entrepreneurs and small company owners choose to inaugurate their businesses as sole proprietorships, which essentially make them and their businesses one and the same. However, switching over to a Limited Liability Company (LLC) enterprise can offer a wide range of benefits to business owners. Most noteworthy is that by switching over, it can protect your personal assets in case legal judgment or if debt befalls your business.

Others choose to form an Incorporate (Inc.) business. Simply put, this is the process of defining your company in both a strategic and legal sense. By choosing to form LLCs, business owners have the freedom to decide what tax structures work best for their businesses.

There are many other advantages to both an LLC and an Inc. Namely, making your business an incorporate allows you to protect your personal assets, enhance credibility, and protect your brand. Limited Liability offers simple, structure flexible, no residency requirements.

If you have either of these business types, EZ Filing Solutions makes it simple to file for an EIN. Call us today to learn more. The professionals at EZ Filing Solutions are looking forward to your call!

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