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File For A C-Corporation

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C-Corporation Filing Service

If you’ve chosen to file for a C-Corp, EZ Filing Solutions can help you through every step of your C-Corporation formation. We offer easy document preparation and filing so you can form a C-Corp quickly and conveniently.

Why File for a C-Corporation

There are several reasons a business owner might want to file for a C-Corp. C-Corporations offer great ways to build legal protection into a business structure. By incorporating as a C-Corp, you achieve limited liability when it comes to lawsuits. You protect your personal assets from disgruntled company customers or creditors. Filling for a C-Corp might help reduce taxes if your business earns a high amount of revenue, and it can make it easier for you to acquire venture capital.

S-Corp vs. C-Corp?

As you form a corporation, you can elect to file as an S-Corp or a C-Corp. A C-Corp pays taxes at the business level, and then owners of the C-Corporation pay taxes on salaries earned. Some business owners find this taxation situation beneficial, depending on the corporation’s income and other factors. Others choose to file as an S-Corp, which is considered a “pass-through entity” that is not taxed; rather owners report income on their personal tax returns.

Does a Formation Filing Expire?

No, your C-Corporation formation does not expire. When you file for a C-Corp with the IRS, your election stays in effect until it is revoked or terminated.

Do I need a Federal Tax ID (EIN) before forming my C-Corporation?

Yes. When you form a C-Corporation, the application requires you to enter your Federal Tax ID Number, also called an Employer Identification Number. Your EIN must specifically state that you are forming a corporation or an LLC, and it must state that you are forming a C-Corp.

If you do not already have an EIN, EZ Filing Solutions can help you file for your EIN in addition to filing for your C-Corporation.

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