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EZ Filing Solutions is an independent document preparation service and filing service. We help you with LLC formation by assisting you in gathering appropriate paperwork and going through the process to file for an LLC. EZ Filing Solutions works with you to form an LLC by guiding you through what can be a complex filing experience.

Why file for an LLC?

Unlike a sole proprietorship, which has one owner who reports business earnings on a personal income tax return, an LLC can have multiple owners who are each afforded protection of personal assets separate from the business. If a creditor or disgruntled customer sues an LLC, the owner of an LLC is less likely to lose a home or other personal assets because of the lawsuit. In addition, companies with LLC after their names often appear to be more professional.

LLC vs. Corporation?

The decision to form an LLC or a corporation is one that only you can make. EZ Filing Solutions helps you form an LLC if you want a business that offers you personal protection from business lawsuits. LLCs are also not required to keep detailed meeting minutes or act in formal ways, as corporations are. Corporations must hold formal meetings, but they give business owners personal protection from lawsuits related to the business. And a corporation is the type of business you will want if you plan to go public with stock offerings.

Does a Formation Filing Expire?

Usually, states require that LLC information be renewed, and they offer annual renewals of LLC formation, which can make the process easier. But, auto renewal means that a business owner must always be on top of keeping addresses updated with the Secretary of State.

Do I need a Tax ID (EIN) before forming my LLC?

Typically, you need to take care of your LLC formation first, and then you will obtain your EIN. Your Federal Tax ID or EIN will often be verified at the state level against all available databases.

EZ Filing Solutions helps you through the complicated process of figuring out what you need to file for first and which documents you will need for each filing.

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