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File For Non-Profit Organization

Your Non-Profit Needs Are What We Know Well – We Make It EZ

Non-Profits Are Our Specialty

EZ Filing Solutions is a third-party agency that helps with non-profit formation. We assist organizers in preparing documents and filing for a non-profit.

Why File for a Non-Profit Organization

Non-profit formation allows your qualifying non-profit organization to get liability protection and tax-exempt status. You might want to file for a non-profit if your organization is primarily involved in charity work, education, science, religion, or animal rights.

Non-Profit vs. Corporation?

If you’re trying to decide whether you should form a non-profit or a corporation, consider the scope of your work. Organizations that focus on charitable, scientific, educational, religious, or social endeavors can receive liability protection and tax advantages by filing for non-profit status. Different state laws bind non-profits in comparison to corporations. Like a regular corporation, a non-profit does require filing of Articles of Incorporation.

Does a Formation Filing Expire?

Once you file for a non-profit, you do not need to renew your filing. The IRS can, however, revoke a non-profit’s status. EZ Filing Solutions makes sure that all of our customers fill out the non-profit filing forms correctly, so that there are minimal delays in getting non-profits up and running.

Do I need a Federal Tax ID (EIN) before forming my Non-Profit?

All businesses, including for-profit and non-profit organizations, need an employee identification number (EIN). The EIN is required so the organization can file taxes, open a bank account, and process employee payroll. The IRS provides several ways to file for an EIN, but they can be time consuming and confusing. EZ Filing Solutions helps clients file for a non-profit and obtain the required EIN.

Let EZ Filing Solutions help you with document preparation and filing throughout the process of filing for your non-profit.

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