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We are an independent document filing service and are not affiliated with any government agencies.

Pricing And Fees

Easily obtain your EIN/Tax ID number with a simplified application process.


The price for this filing service is $195 for all EINs/Tax IDs.

  • You will receive your EIN securely via e-mail on the same business day*, unless submitted after 3:00pm PST or on the weekend days, the application will be processed on the next business day.
  • We do not charge any additional fee for expedited processing, that many other filing services do.
  • EZ Filing Solutions is committed to processing your application quickly, securely and accurately.

*Most EINs are processed same or next business day, unless bundled with state formations, processing times will vary.

Refund Policy

We will do everything we can to process your application in one business day, provided all information provided to us is accurate. If we cannot complete the EIN process and no EIN is assigned due to an unfixable error, we will provide a refund minus a $10 processing fee.

If we do complete the application and an EIN is successfully assigned (service is provided), no refunds can be issued.

For incomplete orders due to inaccurate information, the customer will be contacted via email by us to rectify the issue, and we will try one additional time to obtain your EIN. If at that point there is another error, the customer will be refunded on the next business day less a $10 processing fee.

SS4 Fax – Ref 101: For EIN applications resulting in a Reference 101 error from the IRS, EZ Filing Solutions, LLC will send you an e-mail with instructions on how to complete your EIN application via fax of mail.  EZ Filing Solutions, LLC will issue a refund of the service fee, minus a $10 processing fee.